Giulia Thinnes

born 1976 in Luxembourg, is a member of the collective since 2016. She got her first camera at the age of ten, and since then, photography was more or less present in her life, but never really left her. Over the last fifteen years, the interaction with the medium got more intense, to the point where it has become the center of her life now. She’s going to school again to study photography.

Giulia is interested in various photographic genres, and doesn’t want to limit herself to a specific one, like street photography. Lately, she’s drawn very strongly towards documentary, with a mix of portraiture and other genres. She is interested in documenting social issues, and her work always turns around the human condition and human presence. Recently, she’s coming back to her photographic roots, which are color film photography.

Giulia is living in Berlin and Luxembourg

Some of her exhibitions and workshops:

2015: Local architectural photography contest, 3rd prize, group exhibition Esch/Belval

2015: Participated at the Slidenight 2015, Luxembourg

2016: Group exhibition at the Slidenight 2016, Luxembourg

2017: Workshop with Anders Petersen, Berlin

2017: Participated at the Slidenight 2017, Luxembourg

2017: Workshop with Jean-Christophe Béchet, Arles

2017:Group exhibition with documentary series at the Atelier Mécanique, Rencontres d’Arles

2017 – 2019: Group exhibition ‘People in the city, 1950-2017’, Luxembourg City museum

2018: Group show, series ‘Underground Berlin’, Street Photography Festival, Luxembourg

2018: Workshop with Todd Hido, France

2018: Group exhibition ‘Sync, Psych, Self (SIC): The self portrait exhibition’, FK Kollektiv, Berlin

2018: Finalist of the Miami Street Photography Festival, group exhibition HistoryMiami Museum