Christian Reister at the festival

“Capturing the life stories of ordinary people and the environments that bear silent witness to those tales”

Christian Reister, *1972, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He started photography in 2001 and has been working mainly on urban streets and city life ever since. After taking his pictures in colour for the first 10 years he switched to black and white in 2011. His main focus today is on Berlin’s night life which he documents in a very subjective diary-like way: dark, grainy and often blurry.

However one describes the photographic style he evolved into, by looking at his photographs, the viewer feels like he is drawn deeply into the dynamic nights of the cities where Christian is photographing.

As important as the act of taking pictures, to Christian is the process of editing, developing and layouting image series for different media such as exhibition installations, photo films, live projections, photobooks, zines or silk screen prints.

Christian Reister’s work has been published and exhibited internationally with different solo exhibitions, screenings, festivals and in the press. He is the author of several photobooks, amongst them “Alex” (2010) and “Alle Katzen grau” (2015). From 2016 on he has been publishing his ongoing zines series “Driftwood”. He is also co-author of the interview blog Obst und Muse.

The audience will have the possibility to ask questions at the end during the Q&A part.

In addition Christian will take part in the discussion panel after the conferences.



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