Museum Night 2017 – Review

text  by Véronique Fixmer

Our collective took part in this year’s edition of the “Nuit des Musées”. As we are currently represented with about 20 pictures in the temporary exhibition “Leit an der Stad” we were recruited by the “Lëtzebuerg City Museum” to do several guided tours on the night of museums for this street photography themed exhibition.

Over the course of the night, we guided groups of people through the exhibition, gave them general information about street photography, the evolution of cameras and their impact on this particular type of photography, and more specific insights on the pictures of our collective. Where possible, we tried to answer any if not all questions asked and often we ended up in interesting conversations about the art of street photography and its evolution over time.

The tours were well visited, even though it was at times hard to keep people regrouped in the very crowded rooms of the museum. It was a very interesting evening as it gave us insights into the audience interested in street photography. It was nice to see that many people thought positively about street photography; just as much about the historical depiction of the streets of Luxembourg as of the contemporary form, vastly represented by our collective and other Luxembourgish photographers. More guided tours led by the members of our collective are planned throughout the period of the exhibition and will be announced via our website/facebook page and instagram.

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