Slide Night 2017

Fancy an evening loaded with Street Photography? It is happening again! On the 21st of April, up to 12 photographers of Street Photography Luxembourg (SPLux) show their latest artworks in a 5 minute slideshow featuring individual background music. This makes each slideshow a unique experience.

After 5 years our Slide Night is for the first time part of the European Month of Photography (EMoP). To highlight this special occasion, Street Photography Luxembourg invited 4 outstanding artists to join us at the Slide Night 2017.

Joining us:

1) Véronique Kolber

After she graduated with distinction from the prestigious school of photography Le 75 in Brussels, Véronique continued her studies in Fine Arts at the University of Strasbourg, where she accomplished a Masters degree. Thereafter Véronique was unstoppable, she exhibited her works in Europe, the United States, India and China. Take a look at the impressive list of exhibitions and publications on her own homepage.

We are delighted to win this talented luxembourgish artist for this Slide Night.


2) Sven Becker

He currently lives and works in Luxembourg. After his studies in visual communication in Brussels and Cologne, he initiated several projects around sustainable living in everyday life, launching exhibitions and a magazine amongst others. Feeling at ease in the uprising artistic and cultural scene, Sven has been photographing local and international acts on many stages throughout Luxembourg. He has been the visual storyteller behind the photographs of several communication campaigns of cultural institutions, festivals and artistic projects. In 2014, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Luxembourgish artist Filip Markiewicz on an audio-visual work for the exhibition Paradiso Lussemburgo presented at the Luxembourgish pavilion at Venice Biennale. Since 2013, he has been working as an independent fulltime photographer, working mainly for local press and magazines such as Lëtzebuerger Land, Paperjam, Delano, City Mag and being commissioned by Nido (Stern) or Les jours. 2013 marks as well the starting point of a series of independent travels to countries and cities such as Istanbul, Turkey where he covered the Gezi Park occupation and protests, Myanmar and Japan in 2015, or Teheran, Iran in 2016. Becker has a strong sense for capturing the in-between moments that remain often unseen. Intrigued by the unfamiliar, and the functioning of other cultures, his work distinguishes itself by its human approach, and the telling of his subjects’ stories. His strong interest for socio-political themes and actions, social cohesion, as well as contemporary events, such as the recent arrival of refugees in Europe, has led him naturally to join the project I am not a refugee. He currently works as a photojournalist for Lëtzebuerger Land. We are pleased to welcome Sven back to the Slide Night after 3 years and we are looking forward to see how he is going to surprise us this time.



3) Nils Jorgensen
London-based photographer Nils Jorgensen has an instinct for finding low-key, easily overlooked beauty. He spots unlikely patterns and picks out exquisite collisions of line and form in the most ordinary places. He likes taking photographs with humour and enjoys the reaction from people when they see them. He gained his living as a news and celebrity photographer. In 2002, he joined the online street photographers’ collective In-Public and had his first exhibition. After that, many exhibitions followed, amongst others at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the Photofusion photography center in London, the Museum of London, the London Festival of Photography and the London Street Photography Festival. Nils led street photography workshops at the Tate Modern in London and was published in the book ‘Street Photography Now’, Thames and Hudson. Since 2011, he works as a freelance photographer. We are honoured to have won Nils with a slideshow of his photographs at the Slide Night.

4) Kristin Van Den Eede
As a street photographer living in Belgium, getting lost in the urban jungle is a true passion of Kristin, and she is either constantly taking pictures or thinking about taking them. Almost all her spare time is devoted to photography. Together with her partner in crime, fellow photographer Kristof Vande Velde, she’s roaming the streets looking for images that excite or move her in some way. She is usually drawn to emotionally evocative scenes, extraordinary lighting or striking contrasts. Kristin was, amongst others, finalist in the Belgium Street Photography Contest 2014/2015 and the Miami Street Photography Festival 2016. She was also featured in two issues of the International Street Photographer Magazine. To follow her work and have a further look at her contributions to street photography, have a look at her homepage or her Flickr account. We are delighted to have this new talent on board for our Slide Night.


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