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It’s december again and Rotondes is hosting the 2016 edition of the Troc n’Brol!
The idea behind Troc’N’Brol remains the same as for the past 6 years: same substance, same rules, wonderful artwork auctioned by established artists and bidders forever grateful for the miraculous bargain and potential Christmas present.
However, Troc’N’Brol changes in its form: the event will run for two days as opposed to one. Here are the details :
Friday 16 December: swap meet starts at 6pm at Rotonde1. Music, food and drinks provided.
Saturday 17 December: bidding wars from 11am until 8pm
Around 8pm, the creatives announce the winning bids. Wanna know if you won something? Then, be there.
Works remain on the wall until 10pm.
Everybody can partake and engage in any type of bartering arrangements with the artists. Just be creative with it. There is always the possibility to overbid. To make an offer, stick a post-it next to the artwork of your choice, with the following information (handwritten and readable):
– the offer in detail
– your real name

5 of our members are show their work on both days.

Véronique Fixmer
Dirk Mevis
Christophe Van Biesen
Giulia Thinnes
Tom Weis

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